DeSouza Law, P.C. Contributes $10K to Improve the City of Freer’s Park

The new and improved park is scheduled to open on March 21st

DeSouza Law, P.C.  has a special connection with the people of Freer.  Shelly Valdez, a litigation paralegal at the firm grew up in Freer. And firm founder, Jason DeSouza has helped many residents of the city with their legal matters. He represented Roy Canales, who won $19 million in a case against Lowe’s Supermarket last year. And he recently fought against American Tank Company in a trial for Dora Perez, owner of the Macarias Tire Shop. She ultimately $210K in her suit against that company.

So when Freer’s mayor, Arnold Cantu, spoke with Jason DeSouza recently about the city’s efforts to boost its community with a new and improved city park, he was 100% on board.

“I’ve known Mayor Cantu since I started my firm in 2015. He told me that he wanted to upgrade the city’s facilities and help build community but lacked the resources in grants and funding from the state. I believe in what he and other city officials are doing to make Freer a great place to live, and so I wanted to help,” said Jason.

DeSouza Law’s donation of $10K is going towards a new walking track that will be installed around the park.

Freer has had a city park for many years, but it was very old and in desperate need of attention. The new park includes the old space plus another city block that is in the process of renovation.

According to the city secretary, Nina Saenz, the revitalized park is scheduled to open on March 21, 2020.

In addition to a walking track, the new park will feature a large basketball court and a pavilion to host different events, birthday parties, and other community activities to bring people together.

There will be a variety of events throughout the year for families to gather and where local businesses can set up booths and sell their products and services.

Attorney Jason DeSouza currently sponsors 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 basketball tournaments in the nearby town of San Diego – and hopes to do the same in Freer once the basketball court is complete.

Just this past week the city’s new park trees arrived, which were donated by local citizens.

In the future, the city also plans to install a skate park, athletic stations, and other amenities for residents to enjoy.

To follow along with the park’s progress, be sure to “like” City of Freer on Facebook where you can see the pictures and updates that are regularly posted.

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